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Favourite Artists / RSS - 2 years ago

Concept Artist & Matte Painter Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez is an aspiring concept designer and matte painter from Boston, Ma. Inspired to draw from an early age, he was relentless throughout his early years. His influences come from a variety of genres and well known professional artists that...

Favourite Artists / RSS - 2 years ago

Digital art by Miloš Karanović

Miloš Karanović is digital artist and graphic designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. His nickname is plavidemon. Here you can see some of his artworks. Wild Woman Paradise peak Music Girl Rebecca Magic Violin Jungle Huntress Siren Gl...

Favourite Artists / RSS - 2 years ago

Incredible fantasy art by Noah K. H.

Noah is China based digital artist, who make incredible fantasy worlds and creatures. Here is some of his recent artworks. The path to the miracle Painting A Heart Heaven’s wide God of the forest Crisis III Crab_king Boss Time to GO B...